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Demo submission

Note: We prefer demos in digital form. If you need to send us physical material, please contact us by mail first.
Please send us a link to an online resource where we can easily listen to your material (Facebook, BandCamp, Spotify etc.) and read information on you as a band or artist.

Submissions can be sent to demo (at)

All demo submissions will be listened to and logged.

A few notes and tips on this:

Negative Vibe Records are happy to listen to your demos, but we rarely sign a band off one demo alone. We are, in addition to the quality of the music recorded, mainly interested in bands that we know can deliver the same music with the same quality in a live setting. If we are interested we will contact you, and usually for the purpose of letting you know we enjoyed it and ask you to keep us up-to-date on your band's actions and new recordings. If you have planned live shows, please let us know and if we enjoy your demo, we will try to attend your live show(s). It would be wise if you plan on submitting a demo to Negative Vibe Records that you include as much information about your band as possible. Make sure you include a band name and contact e-mail address. If you are interested in sending us physical material, contact us and we will provide a shipping address.

How do I get my band's album or my label's bands into the Negative Vibe Catalog/Webshop?

Basically follow the demo guidelines above but clearly mark on any information included that this is for distro purposes and not label consideration. Contact us by e-mail to receive information about postal address if needed. Include a full sample of the product you want us to carry, no promos or CDR's, the actual product you are offering ONLY! Again, we will get back to you if we are interested. We are generally interested in 'professional' releases only, meaning that we usually will not carry CDRs or blank tape demos.

Please be aware:

Not all Negative Vibe bands tour extensively and availability varies widely. Mainly the bands are not booked by us, but we can put you in touch with the agent for bands booked by outside agencies or the bands themselves, when appropriate. Unless a show is very close to where a band lives, most shows take place in the context of a tour. If a situation arises were a Negative Vibe band might have an open date or be playing in or near your area we might get in touch with you if/when we need to set up a show where you are located. With that being said, we find shows happen sometimes under the most unusual circumstances and in unusual places, so please feel free to throw any ideas you might have at us. Something usually works out sooner or later.