More than two years have passed since Deseized released the critically acclaimed "a Thousand Forms of Action", and now they are back with another hard hitting  5-piece release - "Paradigms". Deseized have spent the time honing their craft and perfecting their songs with painstaking detail, a fact that is clearly represented through their fifth studio record. Although offering a much more diverse and eclectic sound, Paradigms maintain the heavy riffs and raw, growling vocals that have been a trademark for the band through the years, as well as the grander melodic elements that make up part of Deseizeds allure.

The songs themselves are mainly written by guitarist Semming Haraldsen, and the lyrics are done by vocalist Andreas Lien. On “Paradigms”, the lyrics are personal and sensible, yet aggressive and perhaps angrier than ever. The themes ranging from the dark mind of the modern man in a modern society - to the grander schemes of how we as a people (dis)connect in the larger collective.
Again the music is engineered, produced and mixed by Semming Haraldsen; recorded in several locations including Toproom Sudio.

Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering
Additional vocals are provided by Mari Hajem

As a culmination of a nearly two year writing process, and almost six months recording process, “Paradigms” shows us the apex of Deseizeds creativity and skill, and is bound to change the norwegian metal scene forever. This is a modern metal record, conceived under the boundaries and freedoms of our modern global climate - and it is sure to resonate with an increasingly diverse and frustrated audience world wide.


1. Statues
2. Celestial
3. Echoes
4. Dominion
5. Sonder

Artwork by: Kjersti Sandvik Halden

Deseized formed in Ski, just outside the Norwegian capital in 2003, and the band has marked themselves as a top contender for the throne in the Oslo underground metal-scene for
several years. Deseized made a mark for themselves when one of their songs featured in the 2007 hit-movie “Switch”, starring Petter Stormare (Fargo, Prison Break). The band started
recording the following year, and released their debut full-length album “the Trophy of our Demise” in 2009. The Norwegian press considered the album as something to keep an eye
out for in the coming years. They received airtime on the national radio stations, as well as featuring in the Norwegian movie “Keepern til Liverpool” (2010). Since then the band has continued touring all over Scandinavia, creating and recording new music, and evolving their musical style.

Deseized’s sophomore release titled “Architects of Our Demise” (2013) was hailed as a musical breath of fresh air by the critics, as well as cementing them further into the hearts of the Norwegian metal fans.
In 2015, the band released “A Thousand Forms of Action”. This time they relied solely on their own experience throughout the writing and recording process, which has solidified their unique sound.
Deseized’s music can mainly be recognized by riff-based songs, filled with intricate rhythm-sections, the occasional melodic flow, and many other elements one might associate with modern progressive “Djent-bands”. This gives them a sound, which is both groovy and hard-hitting, as well as innovative and sophisticated. With the coming release of “Paradigms”, the band has worked hard to fine-tune their craft even further.

The album will contain some of the best songs they have ever written, as well as being an overall better production than ever before. After almost 15 years, Deseized is still a force to be reckoned with in the Norwegian metal scene, and “Paradigms” is the definitive proof of that fact.

"Paradigms" is out through Negative Vibe Records the 23rd of March, 2018.

Monday, March 5th 2018

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