The Oslo-based progressive hardcore outfit is ready to release their follow up to the massive "Architects of Our Demise" with the five-track bonecrusher, "A Thousand Forms of Action".

"A Thousand Forms of Action" was recorded at several different locations, it is mixed and produced by the band and is "100% Deseized" according to the band members themselves.

The official statement from the band reads:
"This time around we produced the whole thing ourselves, and leaned on everything we have from experience and knowledge to create the coolest release we have so far. The music and the approach to it is more mature and more thorough and well thought through than before,  and we have chosen to reach a little further out of our box than we are accustomed to. The process itself is somewhere between gung-ho guerrilla and soberly, calculated method".

1: Divides
2: Firelung
3: Sledgehammer Suicide
4: Constellations
5: Patterns Within Patterns

"A Thousand Forms of Action" can be purchased from the 23rd of October and available on all digital streaming platforms on the 5th of December!

Tuesday, September 29th 2015

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