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Sunday March 29th 2015

Causing the Exile release single

Causing the Exile is ready with the first single from their upcoming sophomore album "Perpetual Dispute".

Release date: TBA



Thursday March 26th 2015

Causing the Exile reveal artwork

The brutal tech-metallers in Causing the Exile reveal the amazing artwork for their upcoming full-length release "Perpetual Dispute".

Release date: TBA

Artwork by: Pierre-Alain D. // 3mmi Design
Home page:
Facebook page:


Thursday March 26th 2015

Deseized is set to enter the studio

The Oslo-based progressive hardcore outfit, Deseized, will enter the studio in early April to start recording their next release. A five track semi-thematic bonecrusher is in the works.

The official statement from the band reads:
"This time around we will produce the whole thing ourselves, and lean on everything we have from experience and knowledge to create the coolest release we have so far. The music and the approach to it is more mature and more thorough and well though through than before,  and we have chosen to reach a little further out of our box than we are accustomed to.
The process itself is somewhere between gung-ho guerrilla and a soberly, calculated method, so it will be fun to see what comes out the other end!"

Watch out for coming updates on the recording session, and there might even be a small taste or two as soon as in May.


Monday March 23rd 2015

Wrong Kid Adopted gear up for new release

The hardcore powerhouse Wrong Kid Adopted is set to start recording a brand new release. They are in the process of wrapping up the finishing touches on a handfull of new tracks and are heading into the studio soon. 

Wrong Kid Adopted has also had some line up changes and the official statement read:

"Bjørni and WKA have decided to part ways due to circumstances beyond our control.
We still remain good friends and there is no hard feelings or disagreement involved in his departure whatsoever.
We wish him best of luck in his future musical endeavors!

Robbe will take over as our lead vocalist, and will also continue as our bassplayer on our releases.

We're currently working on finishing up new material for our new EP, and we're looking forward to finally show you guys some new tunes!"


Monday March 9th 2015

Forcefed Horsehead announce release date

Forcefed Horsehead is set to release "Hunting Witches" through Negative Vibe Records on the 30th of March. "Hunting Witches" is a concept release and consist of 13 hard hitting, bone crushing, kidney imploding, eardrum dissolving, face melting and blood boiling tunes made for your listening pleasure. This is Forcefed Horsehead`s third release.


Thursday February 26th 2015

Forcefed Horsehead reveal artwork for "Hunting Witches"

Forcefed Horsehead reveal artwork for their upcoming release "Hunting Witches". The drums for "Hunting Witches" was recorded during the "Deux"-session at Svartehytta in Halden. Bass, guitars and vocals was recorded at Studio Bacon. Mixed and mastered by Erik Børve Rasmussen at Asphyxiating Evil studios.

Artwork by: Chromozombie aka Patrick Wivegh

"Hunting Witches" is set for an early spring release


Thursday February 19th 2015

Machete is working on new release

The hardcore d-beat stompers in Machete is currently in Røffsound studio working with producer Vegard Liverød on a new release.

Since its inception in 2010, when these gentlemen gathered under the name Machete, they have had a common mission of making aggressive and explosive music. Machete has their feet firmly placed in hardcore and d-beat, but without respect for the rules that come with those genres.

Machete slams away with songs that keeps popping of aggression, energy and good old-fashioned bitterness. Hardcore riffs and tempo, topped with an aggressive vocals that scream out of anger and pain.


Wednesday February 18th 2015

Shaving the Werewolf and Blodspor releases are out now!

Shaving the Werewolf and Blodspor are currently out with new releases. They are available at all major streaming services.

Shaving the Werewolf - "You Say Tomato, I Say Fuck Off"

While other artists and bands make you feel like you are more than a parasitic beast, Shaving the Werewolf hand you a mirror to show you the terrorizing reflection staring back. By combining atonal metal, hardcore and noise rock, this miserable lot has created a ruthless and aggressive sound, effectively comforting your alienation and refueling your misanthropy. Provocative lyrics, relentless riffs and psycotic electronics are among the main ingredients that assure you not to be left indifferent to Shaving the Werewolf. Their live shows fuse performance art with a hard-hitting punk act, resulting in an extreme spectacle which delivers a mean punch aimed for your groin.


Blodspor - "A Healthy Dose of Hatred"

Blodspor is a five piece band from Oslo, Norway. Since their formation in 2006 they have steadily built up a name for themselves as a band to watch out for and they have constantly been building their reputation as a rock solid live act. Their passion for music knows no boundaries, and always aims to expand the musical horizon. Blodspor plays music that consists of elements from grindcore, punk-rock, hardcore, death metal and black metal, and even some elements of progressive music. This fusion of genres has made their music unpredictably playful and unique




Tuesday February 3rd 2015

Shaving the Werewolf release new music video

Shaving the Werewolf released their new music video for "Licence to Breed" from their newly released EP "You Say Tomato, I Say Fuck Off"


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