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Friday January 16th 2015

Blodspor reveal artwork for upcoming release

Blodspor reveal the artwork for their upcoming release "A Healthy Dose of Hatred". This is their first release since the debut album "Laughing Through the Violence" saw the light of day in 2011. With plenty of groove and aggression and polite nods to their hardcore roots, this is set to be one of the angriest releases from Blodspor to date! 

"A Healthy Dose of Hatred" is out the 2nd of February through Negative Vibe Records.

Artwork by: Patrick Wivegh aka Chromozombie



Tuesday January 13th 2015

Shaving the Werewolf reveal artwork and tracklisting!

Shaving the Werewolf reveal artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming release "You Say Tomato, I Say Fuck Off". "You Say Tomato, I Say Fuck Off" is Shaving the Werewolf`s second release and the first official release through Negative Vibe Records. It will hit the streets on February 2nd.

1: Licence to breed
2: Don't fucking touch me
3: I gave up and you should too
4: I gave up and you should too (Beax Remix)



Saturday January 3rd 2015

Negative Vibe Records New Year Sale!

It`s on!
20-50 % off all Negative Vibe Records releases and distro titles througout January! This is a good chance to grab some fantastic releases for a very reduced cost. Drop by our webshop and treat yourself to some good underground music on vinyl, CD og cassette.


Thursday December 4th 2014

Shaving the Werewolf re-release their debut EP 'Your Head is a Toilet' digitally

Shaving the Werewolf re-release their debut EP "Your Head is a Toilet" digitally on the 15th of December. "Your Head is a Toilet", originally released in 2012, is the predecessor to Shaving the Werewolfs upcoming sophomore EP that will be released through Negative Vibe Records early 2015.


Friday November 7th 2014


The hardcore/D-beat aggressors Machete has signed with Negative Vibe Records. Since its inception in 2010 they have had a common mission of making aggressive and explosive music. Machete has their feet firmly placed in hardcore and d-beat, but without respect for the rules that come with those genres.
Machete slams away with songs that is popping with aggression, energy and good old-fashioned bitterness. Hardcore riffs and tempo, topped with aggressive vocals that scream out of anger and pain.


Thursday November 6th 2014

Blodspor announce title and tracklisting for upcoming EP

The Oslo based hardcore stompers in Blodspor announce the title and tracklisting for their upcoming EP. This is Blodspor`s first release since their debut album "Laughing through the Violence" in 2011. The title for the EP is "A Healthy Dose of Hatred" and will be released only in digital format in early 2015 through Negative Vibe Records.


Thursday October 16th 2014


We are proud to confirm the signing of Wrong Kid Adopted to the Negative Vibe Records stable, Wrong Kid Adopted has been churning out quality hardcore since their formation in 2011 and they have several releases behind them. In 2013 they toured with Madison Affair (GER) thorughout Sweden and Denmark and they have also done support for Heart in Hand (GB) and Normandie (SWE) They released two singles in the summer of 2014 and they are now prepping for an upcoming EP which is set for release in 2015 through Negative Vibe Records.




Saturday July 5th 2014

Causing the Exile sign to Negative Vibe Records!

We are excited to announce that Causing the Exile has signed to NVR. A fresh breath from the cold wastes of Oslo, Norway, CTE  is bleeding their cunts for your pleasure! It is dark, filthy and heavy. Causing The Exile hits you like an iron fist to the face. Known for their aggressive approach, technical music and hard hitting live shows.


Friday June 13th 2014

Negative Vibe Records Label Night, September 11th 2014

With several successful releases over the last year and bands eager to present their new material to the world, Negative Vibe Records are celebrating ourselves and our bands with a label night at John Dee on September 11th 2014. This will be an epic night packed with goodies and can not be missed! The bands playing will be Deseized, Forcefed Horsehead, Serenity Trace, Shaving the Werewolf and Silence the Sky, five bone crushing bands well worth the trip!


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