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Tuesday September 29th 2015

Deseized reveal artwork, tracklisting and release date

The Oslo-based progressive hardcore outfit is ready to release their follow up to the massive "Architects of Our Demise" with the five-track bonecrusher, "A Thousand Forms of Action".

"A Thousand Forms of Action" was recorded at several different locations, it is mixed and produced by the band and is "100% Deseized" according to the band members themselves.

The official statement from the band reads:
"This time around we produced the whole thing ourselves, and leaned on everything we have from experience and knowledge to create the coolest release we have so far. The music and the approach to it is more mature and more thorough and well thought through than before,  and we have chosen to reach a little further out of our box than we are accustomed to. The process itself is somewhere between gung-ho guerrilla and soberly, calculated method".

1: Divides
2: Firelung
3: Sledgehammer Suicide
4: Constellations
5: Patterns Within Patterns

"A Thousand Forms of Action" can be purchased from the 23rd of October and available on all digital streaming platforms on the 5th of December!


Monday September 28th 2015

Atena sign to Negative Vibe Records

Negative Vibe Records are proud to announce the signing of the mighty Atena! Fueling downtempo beats with ferocious riffs and large sonic landscapes, these young lads are really starting to make a name for themselves with a fresh new sound and approach to metal and hardcore.

Atena has kept the machinery running entirely off their own efforts, without help from booking or label since 2010.
In 2013 ICS Vortex (ex dimmu borgir) picked them out in a bandbattle to play on the Hostile TerrorTory festival.
At the start of 2014, Atena became one of the finalists in the annual competition "Wacken Metal Battle" in Norway.
That same year they headed out to Europe to Co-headline their first tour with "Turn the Tables", then a second European tour in August 2014 with support from "Oslo Faenskap" .
In november 2014 they got the honor of touring throughout Europe with the Norwegian black metal-band "1349" as "special guests". Later that month they headed to finland to support "Borknagar" in Helsinki.

Atena`s sophomore album, "Shades of Black Won`t Bring Her Back", will be released through Negative Vibe Records on the 24th of October.

You can stream and preorder the album from the 10th of October through Atena`s bandcamp site:




Tuesday August 11th 2015

Blodspor announce upcoming release

The hardcore stompers in Blodspor announce title, artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming release set for a late 2015 release. Blodspor released "A Healthy Dose of Hatred" in February 2015 and they are now just about ready for their follow up EP "Only Sheep Cry Wolf".


1. Overthrow
2. Tapdancing to the Beat of the War-drum
3. By Your Own Fire You Shall Burn (Guest vocals by Sindri)
4. Black Mass



Friday July 24th 2015

Machete release single

Machete is out with a brand new single “Jailbed”.

Norwegian d-beat hardcore at its finest!
Machete has their feet firmly placed in hardcore and d-beat, but without respect for the rules that come with those genres. Machete slams away with songs that are popping with aggression, energy and good old-fashioned bitterness. Machete delivers hardcore riffs and tempo, topped with an aggressive vocal that scream out of anger and pain.

“Jailbed” is taken from their self-titled release “Machete"
Out on all major digital formats the 29th of August on Negative Vibe Records

Listen to "Jailbed" here:




Wednesday July 22nd 2015

Silence the Sky starts working on sophomore album

The atmospheric heavy hitters in Silence the Sky are working on their sophomore album and are currently in the writing stages. This will be their follow up release to the critically acclaimed “Ancient” that saw the light of day in 2014. The recording sessions will start between late 2015 and early 2016.

Hailing from Halden and later joined by some of Oslo`s talent, Silence The Sky made some tiny ripples with the debut "Citadel" an EP consisting of Death Metal and Metalcore. After a live debut in November 2011 the bands two founding members had to let go and change the dynamic, both in sound and members. Staying hidden for over 2 years, Silence the Sky started working on their debut album titled "Ancient". During this process the original members, Petter Hveding Hazen and Ulrick Nygård Berg, headhunted singers Audun Mehl (BLODSPOR) and guest vocalist Magnus Granholdt (SHARING OUT LOUD) to complete the sound they we`re chasing after. Later bassist Andreas Solum Stenvoll (BLODSPOR/DEAD TROOPER) and drummer Jon Eirik Bokn (DEAD TROOPER/METAL MILITIA) also joined to secure a hard-hitting live experience. The result is a heavy and atmospheric sonic explosion with polite nods to both post-rock, death metal and hardcore.


Sunday June 7th 2015

Grinding Fortune sign to Negative Vibe Records

We are very excited to announce that Grinding Fortune has signed to NVR.

Grinding Fortune is a trio from Oslo, combining various kinds of metal, hardcore and noise with an experimental edge.
The bands often chaotic and intense live shows can be nauseating for casual listeners.

Operating as a guitar and drum duo from 2010 until 2013, the band released three mini-albums to favourable reviews from the Norwegian and international press.
After a successful European tour supporting death metal legends Blood Red Throne, Grinding Fortune expanded, adding a bassist as their third member.

Since then the band has played a handful of local shows, testing and perfecting their new sound, with a new album expected in early 2016.


Friday June 5th 2015

Shot at Dawn is out with new release today!

The Oslo based thrashers in Shot at Dawn is out with the brand new release, "Legendary", through Negative Vibe Records and Diger Distro. With "Legendary" they reaffirm the position as Norway's coolest and most diverse metalcore band. The songs "Legendary," "Dark Design" and "Grind" show great variation, in addition to the tribute to one of the best know artist in Norway, Marit Larsen, and her "Under The Surface".

The release is mixed and mastered by American Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Hatebreed, Rob Zombie, All That Remains, Attila, Municipal Waste, Shai Hulud, Stick To Your Guns and more). Shot at Dawn draws parallels to the Southern American bands such as Pantera as well as the modern metalcore pioneers Killswitch Engage and August Burns Red.

Shot At Dawn has previously played at by: Larm and Hove, and have shared stages with international greats such as Suicidal Tendencies, Sepultura, Black Dahlia Murder, Atreyu, Heaven Shall Burn.

The way forward for Shot At Dawn is bright, so stay tuned.


Tuesday May 19th 2015

Machete announce artwork and tracklisting

The d-beat hardcore stompers in Machete announce artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming self titled release.
"Machete" was recorded at Røffsound Studio with producer Vegard Liverød  and mastered at Mammoth Sound Mastering by Dan Randall.

Since its inception in 2010, Machete have had a common mission of making aggressive and explosive music. They have their feet firmly placed in hardcore and d-beat, but without respect for the rules that come with those genres. Machete slams away with songs that's popping with aggression, energy and good old-fashioned bitterness. Machete delivers hardcore riffs and tempo, topped with an aggressive vocals that scream out of anger and pain.


1. Buried memories
2. Envy
3. Wheels Of Fortune
4. Jailbed
5. The guide
6. Weblord

Releasedate: TBA


Monday March 30th 2015

"Hunting Witches" is out TODAY

The brand new release,"Hunting Witches", from Forcefed Horsehead is out today in digital format.

"Hunting Witches" is a concept release and consist of 13 hard hitting, bone crushing, kidney imploding, eardrum dissolving, face melting and blood boiling tunes made for your listening pleasure.


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