The new thrash contenders in Odious Icon is out with their debut album, "Planet of Immense Decay, today.

The album has already been given high remarks and praise from critics:

"It’s utterly brilliant because it’s so well structured, chaotic but so damn rhythmic too. Like an rash that you know you shouldn’t scratch, Bloodbath infects your body demanding submission. The drumming is simply stunning, hard to believe that any human being could bring such intensity to the instrument."- 9/10 Games, Brains & a Head-Banging Life.

"You’ll find bountiful grooves in each track, and it’s a very clear strong suit for the act (“Bloodbath” has some of the finest). The faster and adrenaline-soaked material that makes up much of the rest of the album works, but not nearly as well as its groovy counterparts." - 7/10 Death Rethoric

"In my opinion Odious Icon are a very great sounding mixture of death and thrash metal with some black metal touches and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band." 8/10 VarietyOfDeathZine

After trying out different styles of music, band members and band names Odious Icon reached it's current version in 2015, and have kept honing their style since, flirting with different styles such as death, extreme and black while always keeping one foot firmly in thrash metal. They have put a lot of effort in being as tight as possible live, and take great pride in that being one of their strengths.

Being Odious Icons debut album the goal with "Planet of Immense Decay" is to make a statement in the thrash scene and proving that groove shall not be underestimated. Drawing inspiration from death, extreme and sometimes black metal the band sets out to take the best from the different subgenres and blending it into a heavy base with fast and intricate changes. What has emerged is a fast, short and intense album. The lyrical themes are focused on both life, death and what’s in between, but also the destruction and decay of mankind. Touching on political issues at times but should not be viewed as a strongly political band.

Check out "Planet of Immense Decay" here:








Friday, October 27th 2017

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